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13 January 2022
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7 February 2022

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The future of food processing

The global food processing equipment market size was valued at $45.01 Bn in 2019 & is projected to reach $62.98 Bn by 2027 according to Fortune Business Insights.

Martak seafood processing machinery

The increased world population, demand for automation, and hygienic food processing keep the food processing equipment market growing.

Food processing equipment manufacturers are preparing for a continuous increase in food processing machinery demand. More than ever, food processing plants and consumers demand safer and more hygienic processed products.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) data, 15% of the global supply of animal proteins is derived from seafood. Global demand for seafood is witnessing massive growth.

Automation in food processing is constantly evolving, and robotic machines are availing new markets. Automation is a huge step forward for the food industry; the food goes through a carefully controlled and monitored process and requires less human handling.

Read more about our article about automation in the food industry here.

This encourages producers to scale up their production with the help of efficient equipment. Martak is ready to take on the challenge and increase the manufacturing capacity for food processing equipment. Each project is different, whether it is to design and manufacture a complete processing plant line, stand-alone units, or customized solution for an already existing processing line.

Martak offers complete solutions for complex customer applications. We aim to deliver the highest possible benefit with superior quality and provide safe food to all consumers efficiently and responsibly.

You will find information about our machinery and system designs for shrimp, fish, caviar/roe, canning factory, and more on our website

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