Canning factory machines

Martak offers full range service for canning factories. Here are few samples of machines we designed and built for a liver factory, these machines can be tailored to your needs.


Martak designs and builds customizable rotary drum washers for the food industry. This particular design was customized for a liver factory to wash liver products after enzyme treatment. This equipment is composed of a motor, roller drum, supporter, electric control switches, etc. 

We specialize in customization, and therefore we can customize our tumble washers depending on the product. The food washing machine can be used for all types of food that need to be washed, for example, fruits, vegetables, and more.


This tub is designed for enzyme. Martak designed this product to remove the outer layer of the liver by putting the liver in enzyme bath. 

Enzyme tub Martak
Martak Can Washing Machine


Martak designs and builds customizable can washing machines. This particular design was customized for a liver factory. We specialize in customization, and therefore we can customize the can washing machine for different types of cans. Get a tailored can washing machine for your needs!.


The can turntable is a round can conveyor where the cans are pored onto a conveyor that will roll them into the machine. The machine will then turn each can upright before they exit the conveyor and onto the following processing steps.

Infeed tanks for fishery industry, Martak: shrimp industry machinery 2200L


Our infeed tanks ensure that the product is cleaned, cooled and individually fed into the production line. Optional cleaning conveyors can be added to remove any ice and debris from the tub. Our exceptionally hygienic design allows cleaning staff to lift the entire belt assembly and easily clean the whole tank.


Martak has experience manufacturing many different types of conveyors from belt driven, chain, pneumatic, hydraulic, or screw. We’ve supplied conveyors systes to many diverse industries. Conveyors are used to transport goods in bulk for various industries: food, manufacturing, distribution, product handling, and warehousing.
Straight conveyor systems


See this awesome machines in action so you can have a better idea of what it can bring to your production line. If you have questions, we have one of our representatives waiting for you and willing to help you to chose the right machine for your food processing company.


Martak offers a wide range of products as well as helping customers with custom solutions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will happily get right back to you as soon as possible!