Insulated Containers

We provide an extensive selection of insulated plastic containers in various sizes and capacities, as well as crates designed for the storage and transportation of lobsters and shellfish. While our insulated containers and plastic crates are primarily used in the fish and seafood industry, they are versatile enough to serve other food processing sectors as well. Additionally, we offer high-quality, technologically advanced outdoor heavy-duty coolers that are built to last and sure to impress.


Insulated containers for the food processing industry. Full line of high-quality insulated containers, used mainly in the fish and seafood industry but suitable & ready for all different types of food processing industries. Insulated containers built to last a lifetime, double-walled, smooth & seamless containers with a PUR core, offering a high insulation factor and an easy cleaning. Without a doubt, our insulated containers are the most practical solution in transporting and processing production.

Crates and trays

Tubs, crates & trays are the ideal solutions for your production line regarding transporting and storing. We offer crates & trays for the food processing industry made with high-quality standards. 100% made of plastic, our nestable crates and trays are compatible with other brands. Reusable, easy to clean, fully stackable, and ready for tub lifter machines.

Heavy-duty coolers

NANOQ coolers are heavy-duty outdoor coolers. High-tech coolers that will keep the temperature longer, built to last a lifetime. These coolers are ideal for commercial and recreational use. Campers and fishers have chosen NANOQ as their preferred option. The quality of this coolers provides durability even under extreme conditions.

Spare parts

Martak offers a variety of scales to fit your requirements. Designed with precision, safety, and hygiene for whole fish, fillets, or pieces, you can achieve any level of precision. Take your production line to the next level with our pre made and custom solutions for the fishery industry.