Featured photo of Gudjon Ingi Gudjonsson the new Sales VP at Martak
Gudjon Ingi Gudjonsson – New VP of Sales at Martak
4 January 2022
The future of food processing
26 January 2022

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Keeping the industry moving!

ScanBelt is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of modular plastic conveyor belts.

Scanbelt dealer in Iceland & Canada

Martak is happy to announce that we have taken over the ScanBelt agency in Iceland. After many years of working with these great conveyor belts in our machines and running the Scanbelt agency in Canada, we can now serve our Icelandic customers, ScanBelt. 

Scanbelt has the most extensive and most flexible program on the martak

We currently have more than 50 different belt types available in our ScanBelt catalog. Martak offers consultation and tailored solutions to fit into any existing processing line. 

We offer the most extensive and flexible modular plastic conveyor belts program on the market. All belts from ScanBelt are naturally available in the traditional materials; Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), and Polyacetal (POM). 

All standard materials are FDA approved for direct food contact. To solve tasks out of the ordinary, we can deliver various unique materials and additives.


More than 50 different belts


We specialize in customized solutions for Scanbelt conveyors; each factory has unique needs that we tailor machinery and conveyor belts for. We offer a wide range of services from consulting, design, teaching installation, and maintenance. We carry out conveyor belts maintenance service as well as machine maintenance to extend the service life and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Get a consultation from our specialists about solutions for you!

Easy-to-clean conveyors

Scanbelt modular conveyor systems are designed for all industries; one crucial factor is hygiene. Our plastic modular conveyor belts are designed with easy cleaning in mind for food processing. The belt has been supplied with an impact-resistant material that makes the belt durable for transporting food.

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