Products by function

When it comes to shrimp and fish processing, Martak offers a wide range of products, machinery and equipment. Either as individual parts or kits that allow our customers to perform planned maintenance. All the pieces are high quality and made to ensure optimal performance.

Work plataforms for fishery industry

Work Platforms

Customizable stainless-steel platforms for any machinery. Safely provides access for workers at required heights. Robust, hygienic design that prioritizes worker safety at every step.

Infeed tanks

Effectively moving whole fishes from tubs to conveyors one by one. Our infeed tanks ensure that the product is cleaned, cooled and individually fed into the production line. Optional cleaning conveyors can be added to remove any ice and debris from the tub. Our exceptionally hygienic design allows cleaning staff to lift the entire belt assembly and easily clean the whole tank.

Tub Handling System

The automatic tub handling and infeed systems from Martak are tailored to each factory’s needs. These solutions provide superior handling of raw materials and increased production flow.

Injection Machine

The Raf-S900 brine injection system is a machine combination that integrates the advantages of a brine injector, brine-mixing, brine production, and the record-keeping of the elements of the production process. The brine-mixing system blends the brine for the tubs that are located behind the brine injection.
Our grading solutions use the most advanced weighing technology and advanced software to give you reliable, fast, and precise graders. Our goal is to offer your company tailor-made solutions that cover all your processing needs. Graders can be used in different food processing food scenarios, so it does not matter what food industry you are in, our graders will suit your food processing line. Our builds have the robustness to last, and we always keep in mind hygiene and safety as our main focus.

Brine Mixing System

Our complete brine system is available as the complete system or as a stand-alone unit. We offer tailored sizes for each client’s needs. With Martak’s brine system you are equipped with high-quality machinery, designed to mix all additives. From functional ingredients to heavy brines.

Brine Chilling System

Behind this unit is the salt melting system. Where the software measures the right amount of salt. The cooling system (heat exchange system) that connects to this conveyor cools the water down to -1degrees.


Martak has experience manufacturing many different types of conveyors from belt driven, chain, pneumatic, hydraulic, or screw. We’ve supplied conveyors to many diverse industries. Conveyors are used to transport goods in bulk for various industries: food, manufacturing, distribution, product handling, and warehousing.

Packing scales

The product is collected in a bin that has a weight monitoring system connected to it. When the desired weight is reached the bin input will close and the output will open, collecting the product into the packaging box. Several arrangements are available with multiple bins. This packing scale minimizes the worker handling of the product.
Effective handling systems. Automatic handling, delivering, and feeding boxes and lids to packaging stations in the production line. Effective handling process with no human intervention.


Martak offers a variety of scales to fit your requirements. Designed with precision, safety, and hygiene for whole fish, fillets, or pieces, you can achieve any level of precision. Take your production line to the next level with our pre made and custom solutions for the fishery industry.

Can machines

Martak designs and builds customizable can washing machines. This particular design was customized for a liver factory. We specialize in customization, and therefore we can customize the can washing machine for different types of cans. Get a tailored can washing machine for your needs!


Martak offers a wide range of freezers for the food processing industry. Learn more about them and how we can help to increase your processing plant yield with our customizable solutions.


Martak designs custom-made work tables.