About us

Martak’s main focus is equipment and machinery for the fishing industry. The emphasis was initially on services to the shrimp processing industry, but today Martak also offers a very diverse range of equipment and solutions for fish, liver and roe processing that have been very popular.

Martak’s Director of Operations in Grindavík, Páll Már Magnússon


Founded in 1986 in Grindavík, Iceland, Martak provides a full range of solutions and services for the shrimp and fish processing industry. After opening its Canadian operation in Newfoundland, Martak became something more than a shrimp processing equipment manufacturer. Over the years, we have expanded our business offer, adding food and fish processing equipment, industrial supplies and agencies for companies associated with our business.

Equipment and Turnkey Factories

The company’s shrimp product portfolio now covers the entire production process. From raw material handling and shrimp processing to consumer packaging, we take care of every stage of this journey. With 60% of the market share in the global cold-water shrimp segment, Martak services most of the cold-water shrimp plants in Iceland and Atlantic Canada, steadily growing and expanding into other areas.

Equipment and turnkey factories
Industrial rubber roller manufacturing and refurbishment
Roller Manufacturing

In 2016, Martak invested in the latest roller manufacturing technology, moving all its operations to Canada. It allowed us to become independent from other manufacturers and offer fully-tailored solutions of even higher quality to our customers, including industrial rubber roller refurbishment services, stripping rollers, rubber re-coating, hot-bonding vulcanization, and CNC grinding.


Martak continues to innovate solutions for shrimp and fish processing. Continuously striving towards the next goal, pushing the boundaries in every way. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here, and we plan on making full use of it, delivering top quality solutions in order to keep up with the constant demand for a better food supply.

Industrial sales and services

Martak has exclusive distributor agreements with several European companies for the Canadian and North American markets, with the number of partnerships steadily growing. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and manufacturing fishery equipment in other industrial areas, such as motors, gears, and bearing for other agents that enable the company to be even more present on water and land.

Industrial machinery sales and services, Martak
Fishing industry tailor made solutions
Research & Development

Martak’s top priority will always be serving our clients. All of our solutions have been tailored to fully suit your needs and help you get the most out of your business. We work closely with small and large fisheries in all areas, increasing their productivity and production quality. Even though working conditions in the fishing industry are different everywhere in the world, we will not leave anybody behind.