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12 July 2021
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What is IQF Technology?
30 July 2021

Automation in the


The seafood processing industry has gone through a significant transformation from its old-fashioned origins to mostly automated operations. As a result, the seafood processing industry no longer relies on labor-intensive work. Instead, innovation and manufacturing automation is becoming the standard way to process food. Implementing production automation systems in seafood processing plants will lead to more efficient operations. Processing plants that are properly equipped can process more food while reducing labor and natural resource costs.
Automatation in the seafood industry by Martak

Benefits of Automation

Manufacturing automation in the fish processing industry means increased efficiency. Seafood processing equipment manufacturers are working hard to design automated machines that reduce labor costs, conserve energy and decrease health risks. Thanks to these features, smart machinery has already revolutionized the fish processing industry and will likely have a more significant impact as time passes.

One of the most significant benefits of automation is the cutting of labor costs. However, modern machinery isn’t designed to replace humans entirely but to make their job easier and increase productivity in the workplace. Reducing manual handling is beneficial not only for reduced labor costs but also for decreasing the number of hands that touch the product. Seafood is extremely sensitive to spoilage and infection, so reducing the amount of human interaction with the product is the key to better quality control.

Advances in Seafood Processing

Throughout the past few decades, manufacturing automation in the seafood processing industry has reached new heights.

Martak’s new ProPeeler is a prime example of how far the shrimp processing systems have come. The servomotor-powered rollers adjust rotation speed and angle of inclination. This design allows ProPeeler to operate more efficiently and do so while conserving water and other natural resources. The vision control system featured in a ProPeeler machine allows the operator to choose the best settings required at that moment and only use the amount of water necessary.

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Martak offers high-tech solutions that maximize product yields while keeping production facilities safe and hygienic. Every product is engineered to excel in current market needs, and all surfaces are accessible for cleaning.

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