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Differences between shrimps and prawns
Differences between shrimps and prawns
3 September 2021
Labrador Salt fish plant by Martak
7 December 2021
Differences between shrimps and prawns
Differences between shrimps and prawns
3 September 2021
Labrador Salt fish plant by Martak
7 December 2021
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Shrimp Processing Equipment for Modern Enterprises

Shrimp processing equipment has become one of the most important components of any seafood factory. More and more owners of shrimp processing factories appreciate the automation and improvement of production that these machines deliver. Why is this type of food and processing equipment so important to the food industry?


People are eating more and more fish, crustaceans, and mollusks. Nutrition experts believe that fish and other seafood are much healthier than meat from land animals. They also bring numerous benefits to the human body. They contain wholesome protein, as well as vitamins D and A, as well as unsaturated fatty acids, necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and immune system. In 1950, an average inhabitant of our planet had 6 kg of these creatures per year. In 2010, it was already 18 kg (these figures include not only what goes directly to our plates, but also the production of food for farm animals).

Worldwide production in the shrimp processing industry

Since the 1970s, the production of farmed shrimp has become increasingly popular and continues to grow to meet the growing demand for seafood, especially in Europe, North America, and Asia.

In 2003, 1.6 million tons of farmed shrimps were delivered to the markets, their market value amounted to USD 9 billion. So we can see that there is a very significant area of fisheries management.

The most important producers are China, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Thailand is also the largest exporter of farmed seafood. The remaining 25% is grown mainly in South America and, on a smaller scale, in the USA.

A huge change in seafood processing was the invention of the production line, which contributed to the acceleration of production and the restructuring of the manufacturing process. Successive factories and enterprises began to appreciate the innovative solutions brought by the production line and automation and began to implement them in their shrimp processing facilities.

Shrimp processing machinery became most needed in the second half of the 20th century when the demand for this type of food increased worldwide.

Technological innovations were a response to the increased demand and the need to shorten the production time, and are also intended to ensure better hygiene and safety of employees and consumers.

Nowadays, more and more shrimp processing plants have fully automated seafood processing machines or employ only a few people to operate or inspect them. As a result, the production of these enterprises increased, and the purchase costs of machinery for the factory are sometimes returned in a few months.

Which shrimp processing machines are the best choice for seafood processing factories?

A huge benefit of Steam Cookers is automation

They ensure that the shrimps placed in it are cooked evenly with the help of steam. They handle large volumes of processed shrimp effortlessly and minimize employee contact with the processed product through this shrimp processing equipment. After the shrimp is evenly distributed to the sink, the wave oscillator provides a single layer of shrimp for cooking.

Steam Cookers from Martak have a hygienic design that allows easy access for cleaning (the machine can be fully opened for easy and effective cleaning) and disinfection of all machine components. The operation is easy and in a short time, it can be adapted to production in a shrimp processing facility.

Almost every shrimp processing facility should have Shrimp Peelers

One of the most important machines in shrimp processing factories is Shrimp Peeler.

Their task is to separate the shells from the shrimp before the further shrimp processing process. They allow the operator to have full control of the peeler angle depending on the size of the shrimp. This machine maximizes the peeler’s ability to fully remove the shell without damaging the shrimp and keeping it whole.

The Martak Peeler Mar-A machine is one of the most frequently ordered machines.

It is equipped with a feed tub that washes and cools the products before the peeling process begins. As a result, it ensures an even and cool temperature of the shrimp and preserves the integrity of the meat before peeling.

The roller is powered by a motor, which has a fully configurable speed of rotation and degree of inclination. The parts of this machine are made of durable materials to ensure that it can function without problems for years.

The rubber rollers rotate in opposite directions and the specially designed friction surface grips the shell while protecting the meat. The continuous flow of water onto the product ensures optimal lubrication. After the meat has been separated from the shells, the product is collected in a narrow washing bowl and ready for the next stage of processing.

Martak Peeler Mar-A is easy to use and safe for employees. It is also very efficient, removing about 80% of the shells from peeled shrimp during processing.

A particularly useful shrimp processing equipment, which ensures even better ergonomics and productivity, is the ProPeeler by Martak. This machine combines automation, quality control, and real-time monitoring, thus increasing efficiency and saving up to 70% of electricity and up to 40% of water consumption during operation.

It is equipped with an intelligent vision inspection structure that combines direct drive, lifts, angle control, and roller system. Its big advantage is the automation of each setting and ensuring optimal performance when working in a shrimp processing facility.

A perfect complement to these machines is Shrimp After Peeler Mar-C12 by Martak, which is designed to catch single, unpeeled shrimps from previous production processes. It is equipped with special rubber and steel rollers to gently peel the shrimp. If a single or a piece of shell is left on the processed product, this machine will loosen and separate it without losing shrimp quality.

Thanks to the innovative solutions and advanced technology used in the Shrimp After Peeler Mar-C12 machine, it is easy to clean and disinfect. It will also provide a clean and safe product before the next stage of shrimp processing.

Need help?

If you own or manage a seafood processing plant and you need to expand your production line, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help. We provide our clients with turnkey solutions. We build, sell and install machinery for the seafood industry.

Shell Separators ensure a clean and safe product

Shell Separators are needed for the next step in the commercial processing of shrimp. Shrimps that have been pre-processed in Shrimp Peelers machines must be separated from their shells.

In the Martak Shell Separator VB-1600 and Shell Separator VB-700 machines, there are blowers to which the washed shrimps go. Inside, the loose shells of the shrimp that have.

After washing, the shrimp goes to the blower, where the loose shrimp shells are separated. Pre-dryers feature energy-saving design, simple operation, low operating costs, and do not require pre-drying.

The employee can choose the appropriate operating system thanks to the variable speed control of the fan and the conveyor belt. Cleaning and disinfection are facilitated by the use of a cover with an airlift hood. All Shell Separators components are electropolished, and the production of these machines uses the highest quality welded stainless steel sheets.

Machines manufactured by Martak, such as – Shell Separators VB-1600 and Shell Separators VB-700, can be modified and adapted to the needs of the factory in which they will be used. As a result, more machines can fit into the limited legal space of a shrimp processing factory and increase total production.

Shrimp Washers ensure hygiene and the highest quality of the end product

Each shrimp processing plant should also have Washers for washing shrimp and other seafood in water

They should meet the standards of the food industry and be made of high-quality stainless steel. It is also important that the Shrimp and Prawn Washers are designed with great hygiene in mind and that they are easy to disinfect and wash.

The innovative Martak machines, such as the Shrimp Washer W-620, use stainless steel elements and are equipped with variable speed control and innovative rubber wheels. They also have a replaceable bottom plate.

These advantageous innovations ensure energy efficiency, easy cleaning, and service by employees. The airlift hood opens for easy cleaning. The machine is covered at the bottom by an airtight plate that protects the engine and gearbox. The Shrimp Washer W-620 engine has a vertical hinged engine cover for easy access and does not require disassembly of the machine.

All Shrimp Washers machines are appreciated in the global seafood industry market, thanks to their convenient use, innovative facilities, and easy cleaning.

Thanks to Ice glazing machines,
the product is safer

It is possible to increase the safety of the product during storage. The glazing machine applies a protective layer of ice to an already frozen seafood product. Glazing Machines for shrimps or prawns use their nozzles to spray even layers of water onto the product, which freezes on contact and provides strong protection against any damage. This is necessary to protect the product during storage and against dehydration.

The glazing or ice coating machines are manufactured at Martak and distributed all over the world.

These shrimp processing types of equipment are designed with a stepped frame that twists each shrimp several times to ensure an even coating. The size of the glaze can be adapted to the needs of each client. The lanes of the units are adjustable and can be adjusted according to the capacity and glazing requirements during production at the seafood processing facility.

Martak Shrimp processing equipment Article - Glazing Unit

Maturing Systems for modern shrimp processing plants

Many factories processing shrimp or other seafood must also provide appropriate maturing systems. The best choice is those manufactured by Martak.

They have been equipped with intelligent monitoring technology, which makes it possible to ensure the appropriate weight of the product in each tank and constant control over all tanks.

Feed tanks and conveyors distribute an even product flow to a precision grader that divides the product into size categories. Each category is then placed in the maturation tanks. The Martak IQ maturation system maintains the quality of the product and ensures control over each batch.

All such machines can be modified and adapted to world production standards and the needs of a given production line and are designed with the safety of factory workers in mind. They are also energy-efficient and produce little pollution. They are a great solution for factories that want to enter today’s and future seafood industry market.

The final product cannot be prepared without Rock Separators

Their task is to separate small pieces of rock from shrimps and other products produced in the seafood processing plant. Rock Separators are mainly used in food processing plants to clean and prepare products such as frozen or peeled shrimp. Martak offers efficient stone separating machines that are easy to use and easy to clean. They do not consume much energy and ensure maximum hygiene and safety for operators. Their design allows you to quickly learn how to use them. This seafood processing machine improves production and will work for years, thanks to the durable and resistant materials used.

Packing can be accelerated with Packing Tables

The finished product must still be properly packed to be safely transported. In previous centuries it took a long time, but the invention of the production line in the 20th century changed the whole world industry. Lots of entrepreneurs noticed the huge benefits and time savings brought by assembly and production lines. The Martak company also produces numerous forms of production lines for shrimp and fish processing factories.

An interesting solution is Packing Tables, which significantly speed up the process of packing shrimp or fish products ready for shipment or storage in cartons. This seafood processing equipment has space for six employees of the legal processing factory on both sides of the feeding belt.

Thanks to automation, it ensures a continuous flow of products and has a place to store the packed boxes on the top, so that the employees at the Packing Table do not even have to turn around during work. The use of this machine in a shrimp processing facility maximizes productivity and, at the same time, minimizes the required floor space on the factory floor.

Packing Tables from Martak are easy to clean and reduce the time it takes to pack shrimp products before shipment or before storing them in a suitably adapted space at a seafood facility.

Assembly and learning how to use Martak machines

Machines manufactured by Martak will be delivered to your factory, and a team of qualified fitters will install and prepare for the commencement of work. He will also organize a demonstration of how to use the ordered shrimp processing equipment and explain how to maximize production and obtain optimal performance when using seafood processing machines.

Operators praise Martak machines for their durable performance, care for hygiene and safety, as well as a clear interface that makes the operator can quickly become an expert in their operation. The design of the machines makes their work easier and increases productivity.

The numerous benefits that Martak machines bring will allow you to obtain the best results and at the same time will increase the sales of the product from your company

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