Shrimp peelers

Martak has designed shrimp peelers specifically for cold water shrimp. Our most traditional peeler, the “Mar-a” is one of our best sellers and has proven to be reliable, fast, and accurate. Our newest design is a breakthrough in the shrimp industry and saves up to 70% of electricity and 30% of the water used for the machines. We also manufacture a shrimp after peeler that ensures that no shrimp goes unpeeled. With our production of rubber rollers, we can ensure the highest quality of peeling machines.


The ProPeeler combines automation, quality control, and real-time monitoring to increase high-quality yields, save up to 70% of electricity and 30% of water usage. For the average processing factory with 4.800 tonnes of raw shrimps produced annually.
Industrial shrimp peeler machine with infeed


An infeed basin washes and cools the products before peeling. Ensuring an even cool temperature of the product maintains the integrity of the shrimp meat before peeling. An oscillating arm provides a single layer of products onto an infeeding belt and drops the product down onto our specialized rubber rollers™.


The after-peeler ensures that no shrimp goes unpeeled. It is equipped with rubber and steel rollers for delicate peeling. If any stubborn shell is left on the product, the after-peeler will loosen the shell without sacrificing the quality of the shrimp.