Peeler Mar-A

An infeed basin washes and cools the products before peeling. Ensuring an even cool temperature of the product maintains the integrity of the meat before peeling. An oscillating arm ensures a single layer of products on an infeeding belt and drops the product down onto our specialized rubber rollers(™). The rubber rolls rotate in opposite directions, with a specialized engineered friction surface, grips the shell while protecting the meat. A continuous flow of water on the product ensures optimum lubrication. On the second half of the peeler, especially smooth steel rollers, help to separate any partially loose shells. After the rollers the product is collected into a narrow basin for washing.


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High performance
Removes approximately 80% of the shell from the peeled shrimp during processing.
Easy cleaning
Innovative solutions used in our shrimp peeler designs make it easy to clean and sanitize.
Fresh product
A continuous flow of water on the product ensures optimum lubrication, keeping the product fresh.


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