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16 June 2021
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19 July 2021
What unexpected benefits did 2020 bring


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During 2020 most manufacturing industries were locked down due to an outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. National and global restrictions had a critical impact on productivity, manufacturing, travel, transport, the economy, and more. Many manufacturing industries and companies had to reduce production due to the spread of the COVID-19 from multiple points of view.

In 2020, over 40% of the global industrial manufacturers were under a lot of pressure over the ramifications for their workforce and decreased productivity. On the other hand, many companies were repurposing their production lines, moving to the production of critically required merchandise, for example, masks, ventilators, and escalated care units.

The Food and Agriculture Organization projections indicate that world food demand may increase by 70 percent by 2050. With 60% of the market share in the global cold-water shrimp segment, Martak services most of the cold-water shrimp plants in Iceland and Atlantic Canada, steadily growing and expanding into other areas. For Martak it was essential to keep up continuous manufacturing of food processing machines during these difficult times. Martak adapted to the restrictions quickly and implemented all necessary changes to keep the staff and clients safe. Increased demand for automatic machinery rose, and Martak was ready.

Over the years, Martak has been continuously growing, and after opening its new headquarters in Canada, Martak sales and marketing teams were already trained in remote work.
After collecting data from the year of work with the new restrictions, Martak noticed numerous insights and benefits appearing during the production:
  • Expansion and exemplary work of digital channels and web-based business stages with customers and coworkers.
  • Establishing cooperation with alternative suppliers who can fill supply gaps as substitutes to reduce production interruptions.
  • They created alternative shipping routes to solve the problem with transport restrictions favorably.
  • We have expanded for our clients the possibility of conducting specialist courses in the operation of Martak machines in a remote form.

The COVID-19 pandemic features the significance of supply chain management and remote work. Additionally, it was an opportunity for the Martak company to investigate their tasks and find a way to adjust these difficulties into broadening and development opportunities.

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