The Raf-S900 Brine Injection Machine is a machine that has been designed specifically for brine injection of fish products with the objective of maximizing the efficient utilization and quality of the product. These objectives are attained through the latest technology which enables the user to operate the machine in a precise and efficient manner.
Injection machine system


The Raf-S900 brine injection system is a machine combination that integrates the advantages of a brine injector, brine-mixing, brine production, and the record-keeping of the elements of the production process. The brine-mixing system blends the brine for the tubs that are located behind the brine injection. This combination allows you to intertwine the processing functions of a brine injection machine and blending in one location, which enables the user to switch between different fish production species during the course of the processing day. The design of the equipment and its development and setup is tailored to the processing elements that are available in each place. Safe installation of the machinery, it’s easy start-up, and running is guaranteed by the supplier. Raf offers training and learning courses for the personnel as well as consultation with respect to processing methods.


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