Martak’s Director of Operations in Grindavík, Páll Már Magnússon
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16 June 2021
An interview with


Martak’s CEO, Noel Sheehan, was recently interviewed by Navigator Magazine in a tell-all story about how he came to be the head of the company and Martak’s history. He described how, after over 3 decades, we are able to remain on top, bringing the best shrimp processing solutions right to our customers.
Noel Sheehan, Martak's CEO

The fishery industry

Fishery is constantly changing, but we see it as one of the biggest advantages. It allows us to innovate and expand to new areas that once seemed so far away. Canada and Iceland have very different waters, but we have developed equipment to suit both of those countries, expanding globally with new possibilities in Greenland, the USA, Russia, China and much more. The company now reaches 60% of the market share for the shrimp segment in global cold-waters. Over the years, we have managed to find our way to every area of the food processing industry.

From handling raw material to packaging, we take an active part in getting shrimp products straight to your table where you can enjoy them in their best form. To satisfy the market’s demands, we started developing new solutions for peeling machines. We have experience in a variety of areas, having worked with many companies from the industry, such as canning and ground fish plants, helping them get the most out of their operations.

International expansion

With everything under one roof now in Canada, Martak’s international journey is just getting started. We are constantly building our presence in the industry, expanding in new countries and new areas thanks to our skilled R&D teams. Bearings, gears and motors are just some of the products we have been adding to our portfolio of fish processing equipment, constantly adding new products to meet our clients’ needs. 2020 was a great year for Martak, but there is much more to come. With increasing demand for food around the world, we need to do our best to serve the businesses that rely on our solutions and individual consumers who will then get to experience Martak with many delicious products.


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