Shell seperator VB-1200

Our VB-1200 shell separator is our best seller! Martak’s shell separators have proved their worth as powerful, reliable workhorses in any shrimp or shellfish cleaning. After washing, the shrimp goes into the blower, where any loose shells are separated from the shrimp. Our blowers are unmatched by any other solution without any pre-drying required, an energy-efficient design, and low operating costs. All Martak shell separators are designed for safe, hygienic operation and include a variable speed control for the fan and conveyor belt. The hood can be lifted quickly for easy cleaning. Martak’s offers several sizes of shell separators to fit your needs.


We can customize all machines to fit your food processing plant.


Length Width Height
5200 2160 3360


Our team will install the machine in your factory, where we will also demonstrate the use of the shell separator and discuss how to maintain the shell separator for optimal performance.
Easy cleaning
The Shell Separator was designed with the great importance of hygiene. The airlift hood opens for easy cleaning.
hight quality
All structural components are made from the highest grade welded sheet metal stainless steel and electro-polished to a high gloss finish.


See this awesome machine in action so you can have a better idea of what it can bring to your production line. If you have questions, we have one of our representatives waiting for you and willing to help you to chose the right machine for your food processing company.


Martak offers a wide range of products as well as helping customers with custom solutions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we will happily get right back to you as soon as possible!