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9 March 2022
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Roller maintenance

by Martak

Martak has been manufacturing and maintaining rollers since 1996. Our rollers can be found in most shrimp processing factories in Iceland, Greenland, and Canada. 

Martak custom made rubber roller maintenance services

In 2016 Martak invested in the latest roller manufacturing technology and moved the roller manufacturing facility to Canada. We sent our team of experts to Canada to train our new roller manufacturing team. We offer industrial rubber roller refurbishment services, stripping rollers, rubber re-coating, hot bonding vulcanization, and CNC grinding. Our rollers are made from stainless steel and a special rubber mixture that has been improved over the years

We experimented with different rubber mixtures over the years and found the best rubber on the market to coat our rollers. This rubber ensures maximum performance and utilization of the rollers.

Spare parts and roller service for all types of machines

Martak offers roller service for processing plants. We remove everything, reinstall new rollers and bearings, tighten and screw, then we turn on the machines to make sure everything works well. With years of experience, we provide maintenance services for all types of machines and from different manufacturers.

We help our customers maintain their existing equipment, optimize their performance, and extend the product’s life for many more years by supplying spare parts.

Our engineers have many years of experience in maintenance and cleaning machinery, and therefore a great understanding of the parts required to maintain a machine. Our Spare Parts are of the highest manufacturing and performance quality.

Rollers used in the food processing machinery have to be changed every six months due to wear and tear. Martak has serviced shrimp processing plants in Iceland, Greenland, and Canada for years with great success.

Our team travels to the processing plants, goes over all the machines, and replace old rollers with new ones. They pay special attention to possible improvements for all types of machines


for more information about how we can service your rollers.

Types of rollers

Our rollers are designed and manufactured for shrimp processing machinery. Today, we serve four types of peelers, and each type requires a slightly different size of rollers. The difference is the length of the rollers, and the length depends on the length of the machinery. 

We serve all types of machinery, and we can custom-make rollers for your machinery. Most rollers have 2 1/2 inch diameter for the upper roller (smaller) and 3 inches for the lower roller. After peelers usually consist of a row of 3-inch rollers and are generally shorter than the peelers.

Roller recycle and repairs

Martak’s culture has always been to respect our environment and material. All rollers that cannot be repaired an re wrapped with our rubber mixture are sent to a recycling facility. Most of the time the foundation of the rollers (stainless steel) is cleaned, repaired, re-wrapped, and used again. Materials used on the steel, e.g., acids and oils, fall into special traps and are emptied by experts.

Why you should choose us

After years of experience, we have one of the best roller facilities in the world. Our rollers have proven to have better performance and utilization than other rollers on the market. Our secret is found in the rubber mixture with which we coat our rollers. Our team of experts is a big part of our success, and they have found a work procedure that has shown to be a great success. 

We continue to grow and provide the best service on the market

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